A Natural Environment


At Born Running Ranch, a premier mare care and foaling facility, our goal is to allow the horses to live lives that closely mirror the natural environment they enjoyed before human intervention; space, social groups and grazing time are three of our priorities. The resident mares are grouped into small bands and allowed grazing rights to our 80+ acres of irrigated pasture, designed for year-round access thanks to the mild climate enjoyed in southern New Mexico. We believe that by creating as natural of an environment as possible, the farms healthy, contented horses can better excel at their jobs.


Individual Care


At larger farms, it is easy for horses to slip through the cracks of a busy breeding season. However, at Born Running Ranch, we keep our numbers small enough to provide individualized attention. We not only know each horse by name, but we can readily give a synopsis of each resident's behavior, habits and personality quirks that dictate how we care for each horse on a personalized level.



My staff combines equine-tailored educations with extensive industry experience in all aspects of equine handling and care - whether in dealing with stallions, mares, foals, weanlings or yearlings. We translate all our education and experience in equine behavior and breeding practices into day-to-day management of our horses.

Born Running Ranch