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Born Running Ranch

Dedicated to Providing a Natural Environment and Individualized Care

Three Horses

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Mare Care


Breeding Management

At Born Running, the combination of turnout, individualized attention and commitment to vaccination and deworming protocol gives this facility the best mare care in the state. The over 20 acres of irrigated pasture is supplemented with home-grown alfalfa, grain rations and free-choice minerals to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant, lactating and growing horses. We not only know each horse by name but also know each trick of their distinctive personalities. We know which mares pair up as friends, who bosses the herd, who tends to get shuffled towards the bottom of the pecking order and who never misses a meal. This personalized knowledge works to our advantage. We understand our horses better, and thus the interactions are smoother. We can quickly spot when something is out of the ordinary and recognize potential problems before they erupt.

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